Wreck it Ralph concept art. Character concept inspiration.

Courtesy of Disney Animation Studios


The Diva in the dressing room before the shoot. My darling Ophelia <3

*Edit: I think the best part about this is I just put her on the set and she crawled up onto the vanity all by herself. All I did was slide the chair under her butt. She is just naturally a diva, I guess!

That awkward moment when you argue with your characters.



Title: listen 2 me u fuckin weebadoo nerd
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i had a dream with zarla-s in it actually a couple nights ago

all i remember is that for some reason we were chatting about Scooby Doo and she sent me a picture of the original Hex Girls

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I wonder about what goes through Carroway’s head sometimes.

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Title: Ghetsis Battle!
Artist: Junichi Masuda
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in case you didnt know

  • girls can be polite without being flirty
  • dont mistake politeness for being into you
  • girls can be nice without wanting the d
  • ya feel

also i am so happy to have xkit back. bless you xkit guy