Raiden story it’s really sad :C




picture the most serious character that you know of

now picture them tripping ungracefully and falling down some stairs



A chibi Ocelot

I wanted to do this pose because it’s adorable.

Rose is an important MGS character because…


She’s the first to realize that therapy and positive mental health will help end the cycle of violence, and she becomes a PTSD counselor to help people like Solid Snake and Raiden.

  1. If Big Boss had been able to talk to someone who wasn’t a soldier about his Boss-related traumas and any PTSD from being tortured and used, it might have prevented some of the actions he took in the latter half of his life.
  2. If Liquid had been able to get help for his PTSD from his brainwashing and torture in Iraq, maybe he would have been less angry and not needed to control things (including his own destiny and Solid’s).
  3. If Raiden had gotten therapy starting from a young age, maybe he would have been more open with Rose and able to sleep at night and would have moved forward from MGS2 in a constructive manner instead of getting drunk, getting dumped (Rose could have turned to him to help keep her and Little John safe), and becoming an angsty cyborg with a death wish.
  4. Solidus needed to talk to someone about his sterility, because that seemed to piss him off.
  5. Solid Snake has a bucket of problems, and he realizes it enough to start seeing someone about it, someone who, SURPRISE!!! IS ROSEMARY!!!
  6. EVA probably has some mental trauma from Volgin’s torture and having her kids stolen from her (as far as we know, since she loved Solid and Liquid like they were her biological children. I sincerely doubt she simply agreed to carry them for nine months and then give them up. They could have gotten any of Clark’s assistants to do that)
  7. Ocelot and Kaz need professional help at basically any point in their timelines.
  8. Otacon. Poor, sweet Otacon. He was molested and his father abandoned him instead of helping him. His mother rejected him. All the women he loves in some form die.

Rosemary understands that getting good help is going to keep soldiers in this universe from ending up like her beloved Jack, or worse. It’s going to help them learn to cope with the things they can’t change (“I’m a clone and I’m dying!”) and give them the strength they need to change and try to live better lives (“I need to accept my limitations and enjoy what time I have left with the people I care about, and to accept their love and help instead of pushing them away and disregarding their feelings.”)

So, fuck yeah Rose.


Childhood hero

There was also an engineer with me.

An engineer?

A skinny guy. He went in with us.


More not-so-common art by Yoji Shinkawa for Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2. I’ve always found his art to be very stimulating. Very addicting.

there's nothing in this life but mist
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Admittedly not the safest for work.

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